The Mission

To provide evidence based solutions to create consistency and longevity in an individual’s health and fitness journey.

The Vision

To provide an alternative and effective approach to an individuals overall physical, mental, and emotional health through emerging healthcare and fitness professions.


A New Meaning to Muscle Memory

If I asked you to define exercise what would you say? Is it something we do in the gym? Are we only exercising when we are exerting ourselves? If we continue to break this word down to a simpler form we find that exercise is nothing more than moving our body against gravity. Sure, we manipulate our body positioning and add hundreds of different devices to increase complexity and exertion, but exercise is nothing more than moving our body against gravity.



Overtime, muscles form "sticking points" due to stress placed upon them from exercise and daily postural positions. This creates inefficiencies leading to the muscle having a limited range of motion or contracting/ stabilizing improperly. A muscle in this state can lead to an insidious onset of chronic pain and/or an acute injury. During the inhibition phase we will educate on self-myofascial release techniques to help relieve sticking points and allow a muscle to lengthen and contract properly and efficiently. 


The Owner

Education and Certifications

Bachelors of Science - Central Michigan University

Michigan Licensed Athletic Trainer

BOC Certified Athletic Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) - NASM (More Info)

Postural Respiration - Postural Restoration Institute (More Info)

Pelvic Restoration - Postural Restoration Institute (More Info)

IWA Pilates Fundamentals for Rehab, Function & Fitness Certification (More Info)

Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) - Brain Injury Association of Michigan (More Info)​

Better Back School Ergonomics Certification


TRX Suspension Trainer Certification

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