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Private Training Solutions

Brain Meets Brawn offers 1-on-1 and couples private personal training options with 60-minutes of work focusing 100% on you and your goals. With in-person training you will experience our fitness & nutrition, sports medicine, and athletic recovery solutions as prescribed. You will find a hands on approach utilizing tactile, verbal, and visual cueing to help connect the mind and body. Private training is the most effective way to get stronger, improve mobility, find your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses, safely. Take a moment to read more on our solutions available exclusively through our private training services.

Want to get started, now? Book your complimentary Discovery Session to experience our training methods first hand.


Fitness Training

Nutrition Coaching

What is your favorite fitness activity? You'll find the equipment and training at Brain Meets Brawn to make it happen. As you progress through our program you'll have the opportunity to experience a variety of different genres of fitness along with the fundamental principles of fitness and nutrition. Get the most out of your investment and take advantage of our nutrition & habit building services, too.


Athletic Training

Sports Medicine

When it comes to fitness and sport, injuries can happen at any moment. Brain Meets Brawn sports medicine rehabilitation specializes in orthopedic injury evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. We will gather a detailed medical, fitness, and injury history to provide a professional medical diagnosis. work your way back on the field and out of pain through our fitness and physiotherapy inspired treatment plans. 


Athletic Recovery

Pain Management

The old school system of eat, sleep, train only works so well. with exercise, sport or recreationally, the body will break down over time.  Brain Meets Brawn's athletic recovery uses industry leading therapeutic tools to deliver a professional athlete level service. Through methods of heat, compression, vibration, electrical stimulation, and manual therapy you will feel and perform pain free.