1. Memberships are a commitment to a three (3) or six (6) month payment plan.

  2. Payment is scheduled on a credit card for auto withdrawal every month on the date of purchase.

  3. Upon purchasing a membership all sessions for the 3 or 6 month duration are released immediately for scheduling.

  4. At the conclusion of the membership, auto-withdrawal will continue until cancelled. You will receive additional sessions on a monthly basis reflective of the plan purchased.

  5. Cancellation of a membership must be before the billing date with no additional sessions used. If a membership is cancelled then remaining sessions are still valid and can be redeemed up until 1 year from purchase.

  6. Following cancellation you may resume your membership at anytime.

  7. If a membership is cancelled early you are responsible for paying the difference between the base session rate - $80.00 - and the membership session rate for each session redeemed. For example, if the membership session rate is $60.00 and you attended 10 sessions then you will owe $200.00.

    1. $80.00 (base rate) - $60.00 (membership rate) = $20.00 x 10 sessions​


  • Following the completion of a membership, the payment plan will continue month-to-month.

  • Memberships can be cancelled at anytime following the final payment.

  • Memberships can be paused at anytime.

  • Memberships can be resumed at anytime.

  • Memberships can be upgraded or downgraded each month.

  • Memberships can be transferred to friends & family.

  • All sessions have a 1 (one) year expiration date from date of initial purchase.

  • All sessions may be scheduled out indefinitely.

  • Additional sessions can be purchased at any time through packages.