brain meets brawn personal training, sports medicine, & post physical therapy recovery
group fitness classes for calisthenics, weight lifting, HIIT, and circuit training

group fitness classes

calisthenics | weights | HIIT | circuit

don't get lost in the crowd

  • three (3) participants per class

  • personal 200 sq ft workout area

  • individualized progressions

  • specific injury prevention cueing

  • we'll remember your name

the warm-up | begin class with a mixture of stretching, mobility, and muscle activation drills to improve body awareness and movement.

the walkthrough | progress into a warm-up full body workout of 6-7 exercises challenging your strength, balance, agility, power, & cardio.

the workout | continue at your own pace as your instructor challenges you using individualized progressions​

small group fitness classes for strength training and HIIT cardio

bars & bells strength class

improve your strength at your own pace. our instructors are trained to follow proper form & biomechanics with all exercises to make sure you avoid injury and maximize your workout. bars & bells utilizes several forms of resistance training so you can find the perfect fit for you. note: consider bringing a journal to record numbers and progress consistently class to class

small group fitness class for resistance and weight strength training

calisthenics strength class

learn calisthenics and take your workout anywhere! our instructors are trained to safely progress the newest of beginners to the experienced. calisthenics strength will take your through exercises using parallettes, olympic rings, suspension straps, body weight, and much more. you will push your body to the limits as your learn to manipulate and control yourself throughout space (and time).

small group fitness class for learning beginner calisthenics

group fitness classes

don't get lost in the crowd. brain meets brawn group fitness classes are limited to three (3) participants so we can keep each class personalized to you. group fitness classes are a perfect compliment to brain meets brawn personal training as it follows similar exercises, cueing, and structure. but do not fret if you are new, we will adjust each class to maintain a challenging, yet safe, workout environment. CLICK HERE to view our class schedule and try out a class for free.