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Brain Meets Brawn is the perfect mix between traditional personal training and physical therapy. Whether you’re dealing with injuries, scoliosis, or pain in your day-to-day activities, we’re here to help.

We don’t just ask you to lay on a table or do a couple stretches. We implement effective, data-driven, high intensity fitness to treat the whole person.

Our treatment is practical and custom-fit to meet your needs. It’s also serious work. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll hit your goals and be better than before. It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines.

An All-Encompassing Approach to Athletic Training

We only do what works, implementing industry leading therapeutic tools to get you real, driven results.

Real Results


Our team always gives you high intensity fitness, care, and customized plans to help you hit your every goal.

We are driven to see you succeed and will work with you to find an affordable solution. We even accept health saving accounts and flexible spending accounts!


Our Effective Services

Your Alternative To Traditional Physical Therapy

"I have been attending personal training
sessions with Mike. He is extremely
knowledgeable and attentive to detail. I have
really enjoyed the focus on ergonomics and
proper techniques to avoid injuries. I have
been able to apply a lot of what I learn in my
sessions to other areas of day-to-day life as
well. I also appreciate the minimal
equipment needed for many of the exercises
- it makes it very easy to replicate our work-
outs at home. I will definitely be coming
back for more!"
-Jamal Adas

"I have been working out with Mike the
owner for 8 months. I went from 280 pounds
and I am down to 240 pounds now. I have
learned a lot from Mike and his staff. He
makes working out a couple times a week
fun,even on days I don't want to go I am
happy I went. The gym and staff are nice and
-Donald B

"Mike is an amazing trainer and the
studio is great!! I discovered the studio
about a year ago and it has been an
amazing training experience. Mike is
great at teaching you proper form,
helping to eliminate any aches and pains
you have in your body, and helping you
to build strength! If you are looking for a
trainer, highly recommend!!"
-Nicole Nahed


Tired Of Being In Pain?

You don’t have to stay that way. We’ll create a personalized plan that takes your job, fitness, nutrition, injuries, and pain into account to make sure we give you the absolute best, most effective service that you deserve. If you’re ready to work hard, we’re ready to help you start feeling better than before.

Improving your core strength and mobility using movements of the spine, pelvis, ribcage, and shoulders. We teach you the mind over body approach to movement and exercise. Strengthen the core and create a deeper body connection.

Week 1

Unlock Your Body Part 1

Building on your progress in week 1, we teach you the proper form of several common exercises. Then we show you how to progress those exercises to make them more challenging. Personal training and post physical therapy.

Unlock Your Body Part 2

Week 2

Utilizing calisthenics to improve your overall body strength. During week 3, we introduce beginner and intermediate exercises you can do from home. Believe it or not, this is where the name Brain Meets Brawn truly comes into play. 

Mind Over Body Calisthenics

Week 3

Building your strength with consistent, intense exercises. We stress proper form and biomechanics to create a safe, efficient, and effective strength training program so your weight lifting injury or deficit will be your last!

Overcoming Strength Deficits

Week 4

Week-To-Week Programs

How to Create & Use "Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE)" Scales to Measure Exercise Progress

Improve Muscle Performance & Increase Fat Loss with Creatine Monohydrate

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Athletic Trainer FAQ

What is athletic training?

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals and can specialize in several areas including injury prevention, physical medicine, and fitness & nutrition. Athletic trainers can help fix those long term injuries and get you back to what you love most.

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is an area of medical treatment that focuses on athletes at any level, their injuries, and boosting their performance. Fitness programs, exercises, and medical services are used to treat and prevent injuries and illnesses. Sports medicine is also beneficial for helping athletes reach a level where they are ready to play again, or, make informed decisions as to when they should return.

What is the difference between athletic training and physical therapy?

Athletic training focuses on the active person, athlete or not, providing genuine 1-on-1 attention to help treat injuries, improve performance through fitness & nutrition, and get individuals back to what they love most.
Physical therapy focuses on the treatment of non-active persons and individuals immediately following surgical operations. Physical therapy does not involve fitness & nutrition plans and are limited in assisting with goals past what a medical script allows.

What sports related and common injuries do athletic trainers treat?

We treat a wide variety of injuries. This list includes strains (muscle) and sprains (ligaments), lower back pain, tendonitis, joint swelling, and a long list of additional orthopedic injuries.

What are the benefits of athletic training?

Athletic training features a multitude of benefits. This includes recovering from injuries, improving strength & mobility, reducing or managing pain, educating on proper nutrition, and avoiding the potential for future joint replacement surgeries.

I’m not sure where to start with my fitness journey. Can Brain Meets Brawn help me?

Yes! We offer free consultations to new clients. Visit our booking page to get started.

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Personal Training

We take an evidence based approach to calisthenics, mobility, and resistance strength training. Challenge the body and mind using simple fitness principles for safe, effective exercise and pain free performance.

Sports Medicine

We implement a patient-centered approach towards orthopedic rehabilitation. We will create a detailed "return to activity" plan of action to fix your injuries and get you back to what you love most.

Athletic Recovery

As your new athletic trainer, we use the best, most effective industry leading therapeutic tools to deliver a professional athlete level of service.

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