brain meets brawn personal training, sports medicine, & post physical therapy recovery
personal fitness training including calisthenics, weight lifting, mobility, nutrition, group classes, and virtual training

personal fitness training

strength | mobility | nutrition | virtual

calisthenics strength training

calisthenics personal training offers a wide range of benefits including full body strength, movement awareness, mobility, and stability. calisthenics strength training will build confidence in your body and mind. personal training with brain meets brawn will teach you first timer to advanced calisthenics and gymnastics strength exercises and progressions. 

gymnastics inspired calisthenics strength personal training

movement & mobility

knowing how to move through an exercise and being able to move through an exercise is the most important, yet often sacrificed, aspect of fitness. brain meets brawn personal training will help set a foundation of movement using corrective exercise cueing and body awareness exercises while improving mobility through self-myofascial release, active stretching, and PNF neuromuscular techniques. 

crossfit movement and mobility WODs with personal training

resistance strength training

the most difficult choice to make with weight lifting is to start. the second most difficult is to start over. brain meets brawn personal training teaches science & biomechanics based weight lifting technique that will progress you consistently through every plateau you come across. we will break down all of your favorite exercises and make minor adjustments to improve muscle targeting and minimize the risk of injury

weight lifting, olympic lifting, and strength training through our personal training services

general nutrition coaching

the most effective health programs take a multi-disciplinary approach. brain meets brawn incorporates nutritional guidance and coaching into our personal training program to assist you with managing weight, learning about healthy foods, and creating habit building changes in your life. general nutrition coaching is available in-person and virtually dependent on your needs and goals.

nutritional coaching for weight management and behavior habit changes with personal training

group fitness classes

don't get lost in the crowd. brain meets brawn group fitness classes are limited to three (3) participants so we can keep each class personalized to you. group fitness classes are a perfect compliment to brain meets brawn personal training as it follows similar exercises, cueing, and structure. but do not fret if you are new, we will adjust each class to maintain a challenging, yet safe, workout environment.

small group fitness classes focusing on strength training with calisthenics & weight lifting

virtual fitness & nutrition

brain meets brawn personal training and nutrition coaching is now available online in the palm of your hands. our virtual fitness and nutrition program is accessed through the bmb fitness mobile app available on ios, android, and desktop. full integration allows for customized fitness programs, nutritional meal plans and stat recording, direct communication, and goal/habit tracking. you can also connect your apple watch, apple health, fitbit, myfitnesspal, and facebook to track data and progress consistently over time.

virtual, online, and at-home personal fitness training