Better Than Before

Brain Meets Brawn Fitness Solutions has developed an individualized personal training program called BETTER THAN BEFORE. Through this program you will progress through three levels of training that will challenge your BODY & MIND. The BETTER THAN BEFORE program is a way for anyone and everyone to achieve their fitness goals. This program takes into account several variables when it comes to the individual to allow for safe and effective exercise. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned vet, managing chronic pain or post surgery, or learning to manage weight this program will provide step-by-step instructions and guidance towards making you BETTER THAN BEFORE! It consists of three distinct levels allowing clients to progress through as they meet goals and prove a baseline of knowledge and skill. The program is adaptable to all levels of fitness with each individual starting at LEVEL I. Each level will contain three components as follows:


  • Specific Objectives & Goals

  • Fitness Concepts

  • Efficiency Checklist Final Exam


Additionally, this program offers several perks to maintain consistency, accountability, dedication, and motivation.


For an in-depth look at the BETTER THAN BEFORE program please SEND US A MESSAGE and we will deliver an e-book directly to your email.

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