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Personal Fitness Training

Brain Meets Brawn offers 1-on-1 and couples private personal training options with 30 or 60-minutes of work focusing 100% on you and your goals. With in-person training you will experience...


A Goal Focused Fitness Program

Corrective Exercise for Posture & Prevention

Post Physical Therapy Continuation


You will find a hands-on approach utilizing tactile, verbal, and visual cueing to help connect the mind and body. Private training is the most effective way to get stronger, improve mobility, find your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses, safely. Take a moment to read more on our solutions available exclusively through our private training services.

Want to get started, now? Book your complimentary Discovery Session to experience our training methods first hand.


Full Body Mobility & Flexibility

Learn effective, targeted mobility and stretching exercises with proven success. Measure where you began and see how far you can go with our range of motion measuring tools and in-house created mobility tests. Possessing good mobility and flexibility is critical to improving body awareness and minimizing the risk of future injury. 


Calisthenics Stability & Control

True strength comes from your ability to control your body, throughout space, in every facet. The foundation of calisthenics and gymnastics strength is to create mobility with stability, or, move your body through challenging patterns with tension and complete control. A progressive strength training program will sputter and fail without a well-designed and coached calisthenics strength program first.


Strength Training Programming

Learn strength training principles and safe lifting techniques to significantly reduce the risk of injury. Even if you are just getting started we have several strength training tools that will keep you safe and progressing forward. Record your exercise stats to maintain consistent progress. We can even help you program and customize short and long term strength training programs to complete on your own.

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