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Athletic Training Sports Medicine

When it comes to fitness and sport, injuries can happen at any moment. Brain Meets Brawn sports medicine consists of a team of athletic trainers that specialize in orthopedic injury evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. We will gather a detailed medical, fitness, and injury history to provide a professional medical diagnosis. Work your way back on the field through our fitness and physiotherapy inspired treatment plans.

Brain Meets Brawn is an all-encompassing approach to your health and fitness program. Therefore, we offer our fitness, sports medicine, and nutrition coaching services with all private personal training memberships. You will also receive complimentary access to BMB Fitness & Nutrition Mobile, an incredibly helpful tool for keeping you consistent and accountable towards your goals. Learn more about each solution below and explore the variety of techniques and tools used in making you a more balanced individual.

Do you want to get started fixing your injuries, now? Book your complimentary Discovery Session to experience our training methods first hand.


Injury Evaluation & Diagnosis

Receive a detailed history screening and evaluation to diagnosis your orthopedic injury. Learn what the injury is, why it happened, and how to correct the source of the injury and pain. Many doctors and therapists stop short of fully rehabilitating an injury because they treat only the injury, not the source of the problem. The body is a global system of movement and needs to be treated as such.

A physical therapy session to strengthen the knee following surgery.


Injury Specific Treatment Plan

A well designed treatment plan is critical to return to activity or sport. You will receive exercises to treat the injured area in addition to exercises that will mobilize and strengthen the body as a whole. Complete the plan with detailed instruction during your session time and continue the work at-home through the BMB Fitness Mobile app. You will find new, progressively challenging exercises each session.

A woman receiving cupping treatment to relieve muscles aches and pains during a personal training session.


Recovery & Pain Management

The old school system of eat, sleep, train only works so well. with exercise, sport or recreationally, the body will break down over time.  Brain Meets Brawn's athletic recovery uses industry leading therapeutic tools to deliver a professional athlete level service. Through methods of heat, compression, vibration, electrical stimulation, and manual therapy you will feel and perform pain free.

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