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The BMB Philosophy

Created and refined from decades of combined experience in the sports medicine & fitness industry, our philosophy is derived from evidence based programs and certifications. Additionally, an athletic trainer's continuing education requirements keeps new, science inspired ideas and equipment flowing through the studio further developing this fluent philosophy. Over time, we have condensed this theory into a 4 step approach to reinvent the way you think about the mind, body, movement, and exercise.

A personal trainer educating on exercises during a physical therapy session.

Strengthen Your Mind

​Improving awareness, or kinesthetic sense, is the key to moving efficiently as a human being. This is the true foundation of any fitness or rehabilitation program, yet, few ever make the choice to begin here. Improving kinesthetic sense can enhance the ability to process our environment. This information involves things such as individual joint positioning, muscle activation, coordination, and balance. The first step in this program is to improve our kinesthetic sense and gain control of every joint and muscle in the body. With more control comes fewer injuries and more consistent progress. Continue on to read more about how kinesthetic sense affects posture and how you can prevent falling into the cumulative injury cycle.

A female performing a mobility exercise at a personal training studio.

Break the Cycle

When you suffer an injury or experience pain there are 2 choices. Fix the issue and fully restore functional movement or compensate and create dysfunction. If you compensate then you risk entering into the cummulative injury cycle. Over time, this cycle can become exponential leading to more severe injuries and pain. To reverse the effects you will have to use the corrective exercise continuum. Below you will find a chart explaining each step of the cycle and how each step leads to the next.

A man performing a dip exercise during a physical therapy session.

Perform Pain Free

If you fall into the cumulative injury cycle there is a 3 step process to reverse the trauma and get you back to living a pain free, high performing lifestyle. The corrective exercise continuum includes the steps of neuro inhibition, active mobility, and dynamic movement. When followed in order, consistently, it is a powerful tool that can restore dysfunction from even the most severe pain or injury. At Brain Meets Brawn we combine this concept with our fundamental principles to further enhance the effects of the corrective exercise continuum. Below you will find information on the original theory forumulated by the NASM.

A woman strengthening her abdominals at a private training studio.

Adopt the Principles

Knowing the steps of the corrective exercise continuum alone is not enough to reverse the damage from an accumulation of pain and injury over the course of a lifetime. By learning and adopting our fundamental principles you will experience the importance of core activation, breathing, and biomechanics, to name a few. To learn more about our philosophy and the fundamental principles book a complimentary discovery session.

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