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Sports Medicine & Post Physical Therapy

When it comes to fitness, sports, and simply living your life, injuries can happen at any moment. Brain Meets Brawn sports medicine consists of a team of athletic trainers that specialize in acute and chronic orthopedic injuries. No matter what part of your body hurts, we have a solution that will get you back to your favorite sport or activity, BETTER THAN BEFORE!


Therapeutic Recovery

Injury Evaluations & Treatment Plans

Post Physical Therapy Continuation

Do you want to get started fixing your injuries, now? Book a Discovery Session to experience our training methods firsthand. We will gather a detailed medical, fitness, and injury history to provide a professional medical diagnosis. Work your way back on the field through our fitness and physiotherapy inspired treatment plans.​


Therapeutic Recovery

Learn to recover faster and come back better than before. Click each item below to learn more about the therapeutic benefits including increased blood circulation, pain desensitization, and tissue mobility to name a few.

Manual Therapy Techniques

Normatec Compression Therapy

Hypervolt & Theragun Percussion Therapy

Revo Smart Cupping

A physical therapy session to strengthen the knee following surgery.


Injury Evaluation & Treatment Plan

Do you need surgery or physical medicine? Often times, surgery can be avoided through a proper injury diagnosis and effective treatment plan. A member of our sports medicine team will provide a detailed evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan for your orthopedic injury as you learn what the injury is, why it happened, and how to correct the problem at the source.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Low Back Pain


General Joint Pain

A woman receiving cupping treatment to relieve muscles aches and pains during a personal training session.


Post Physical Therapy Continuation

A common problem many individuals face is where to go once the insurance runs out? Physical therapy is critical to getting you back on your feet and out of pain but falls short of getting you back to an active, pain-free lifestyle. Continue your progress through our medical-based personal training program! Our sports medicine team is dual credentialed in the sports medicine and fitness industries to provide an all-encompassing approach to getting you back BETTER THAN BEFORE!

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