brain meets brawn personal training, sports medicine, & post physical therapy recovery
sports medicine and post physical therapy rehabilitation

sports medicine rehab

 injury evaluation | post physical therapy | manual therapy

what injuries do we treat?

  • strains & sprains

  • ligament tear

  • low back pain

  • plantar fasciitis

  • tendonitis

  • neuromuscular injuries

  • meniscal tears

  • joint swelling

sport and fitness injury sports medicine, personal training, & post physical therapy
  • tennis elbow

  • golfers elbow

  • concussion

  • rotator cuff tear

  • carpal tunnel

  • jumpers knee

  • stress fracture

  • all musculoskeletal injuries

therapeutic exercise

tired of being left on a table or handed off to the physical therapy assistant? are physiotherapy exercises not challenging enough? brain meets brawn will be 100% focused on you and your goals through fitness inspired exercise progressions and constant communication between you and your trainer. our therapeutic exercise program incorporates a full body approach focusing on proper form through biomechanics.

therapuetic physiotherapy inspired exercises for  sports medicine and post physical therapy

manual therapy

pain management is a top priority when it comes to orthopedic rehabilitation. brain meets brawn uses a wide range of manual therapy techniques to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain.

manual therapy for pain management from sport or fitness injury
  • soft tissue mobilization

  • manual traction

  • muscle energy

  • manual stretching

  • scar tissue mobilization

  • joint mobilization

  • cupping therapy

  • vibration therapy

  • compression therapy

  • hot/cold contrast

tele-health sports medicine visits for orthopedic injuries

tele-health sessions

coming soon....

evaluation & diagnosis

from playing sports or lifting a box off the ground, injuries can happen at any moment. brain meets brawn sports medicine rehabilitation specializes in orthopedic injury evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. we will gather a detailed injury and personal history to provide a professional medical diagnosis. work your way back on the field and out of pain through our fitness and physiotherapy inspired treatment plans. have you been discharged from physical therapy and looking for someone to continue? consider brain meets brawn for your post physical therapy needs.

evaluate, diagnos, & treat injuries with sports medicine, personal training, & post physical therapy
fitness & sport recovery for pain management from personal training

fitness & sport recovery

for those that need something a little stronger, the road to recovery starts now!  old injuries that never healed properly, agonizing chronic pain, and post exercise soreness are our specialty. brain meets brawn fitness & sport recovery services will help get you back to feeling 100% and performing pain free. we utilize several different approaches to assist the body's natural healing response through promoting blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, improving muscle durability, and managing the pain response.