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Mobility and recovery are equally important as strength and performance. You cannot have one without the other. Restricted movement and an insufficient warm-up are the leading causes of injury during and in the days following a workout.

UNLOCK YOUR BODY will provide structured mobility and recovery routines targeting every muscle and joint in the body. A muscle and joint is healthiest when able to move through a full range of motion and these programs will teach you how.

Learn to move and strengthen your core and you will free yourself from injury and plateauing progress. This is often the goal for most fitness programs but rarely trained properly. Learn where most go wrong and how to fix the cracks to build a stronger core!

BUILD A FOUNDATION introduces a unique series of exercises to help target the most important muscles in the entire body. Learn the most common compensations that stunt muscle development and how to fix them. Proper targeting of the abs and core require specific movement patterns and awareness and these programs will teach you how.

Never underestimate the little things. In the fast paced fitness world of "bigger, faster, stronger" few learn how to move their body first, risking disaster. Do not let pride be the cause of your next injury!

MUSCLE MEMORY will reeducate the brain on forgotten movements and create permanent change. By creating muscle memory through repetition you will significantly improve performance while decreasing the risk of injury. A body can only perform as well as it is aware and these programs will teach you how.

Strength training is more than just moving weight. It requires body awareness, balance, and stability. You will need to walk a fine line between finesse and intensity. It is an investment that takes years to mature, but pays in dividends.

STRONGER THAN BEFORE provides progressively challenging strength training sessions using a variety of resistance mediums. Start with calisthenics and progress to the barbell. Fitness principles such as progressive overload, time under tension, and adaptation are critical to strength training success and these programs will teach you how.

Brain Meets Brawn

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The perfect fitness tool to keep you consistent, motivated, and better than before! Search through our program library and choose from several different program types including flexibility & mobility, calisthenics & resistance training, and much more.

Combine programs together, schedule sessions in advance on a personalized calendar, and create a truly unique and customized experience to reach your goals. Use the in-app recording system to track sets, reps, resistance, and anything else deemed relevant during your workouts. CLICK HERE to preview BMB Fitness Mobile and all of its helpful features!

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