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 This program focuses on every element of developing strength including mobility and balance exercises to improve awareness and muscle targeting.

Recommended completion of 8 or more in-person or virtual sessions OR a strong understanding pelvic stability, tempo, and lower body awareness.

Glute Max - Glute Med - Quadriceps - Hamstrings - Adductors - Calves - Foot & Ankle Muscles - Hip Rotators

Bench or Chair (Multiple Heights) - Stable Bar (Static Support) - Mobility Stick (Dynamic Support) - Mini Resistance Bands

Stronger Than Before

Adaptation requires stress. If you are not willing to be uncomfortable and stress the mind and body then you will not develop strength. Learn to push yourself, safely, and you will see results.


Strength training is more than just moving weight. It requires awareness, balance, stability, and intensity. An investment that takes years to mature, but pays in dividends. Start with calisthenics and progress to the barbell. Fitness principles such as progressive overload, time under tension, and adaptation are critical to strength training success and these programs will teach you how.

Record your numbers!

Two important factors to consider for any strength training program is to record numbers and progressively increase resistance. Make sure to record all sets, reps, and resistance for each exercise. Depending on your goal, use the quick reference guide below:

Muscle Strength | 4-5 Sets of 6-8 Reps

Muscle Hypertrophy | 3-4 Sets of 8-12 Reps

Muscle Endurance | 2-3 Sets of 12-20 Reps

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