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 This program focuses on isolating movement through the pelvis using three distinct patterns. Use these movements to control and stabilize the pelvis!

This is a beginner course and has no experience requirement.

Glute Max - Glute Med - Adductors - Hamstrings - Hip Flexor - Hip Rotators - Pelvic Floor Muscles

Bench or Chair - Stable Bar (Static Support) - Mobility Stick (Dynamic Support)

Muscle Memory

Never underestimate the little things. In the fast paced fitness world of "bigger, faster, stronger" few learn how to move their body first risking disaster. Do not let pride be the cause of your next injury!


Reeducate the brain on forgotten movements and create permanent change. By creating muscle memory through repetition you will significantly improve performance while decreasing the risk of injury. A body can only perform as well as it is aware and these programs will teach you how.

Perfect practice makes perfect!

Why are you able to walk and talk without thinking about it? Why are you able to move about your life, interacting, and completing tasks without a moments thought about how you are moving? The simple answer is that you have been performing these tasks for thousands or repetitions over the course of years. The purpose of this program is to make complex, difficult movement patterns like the squat and push-up as simple as walking and talking!

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