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Combining two distinct industries into one, Brain Meets Brawn brings the best elements of the fitness & rehabilitation world to Ferndale, MI. We are safe, affordable, and effective exercise with the goal of creating consistency and longevity in your fitness journey. Fitness is only the tip of the iceberg in this program as we offer several complimentary perks on top of all services including

  • Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

  • BMB Video Vault (700+ Exercises/Workouts)

  • 24/7 Communication & Guidance

  • Post Session Nutritional Snack (Rotating Selection)

  • Equipment Purchasing/Rental

Brain Meets Brawn

Ferndale, MI

AFFORDABILITY | With a variety of pricing options, from individual packages to committed memberships, our services are affordable within any budget. Head over to BOOK NOW to see purchase and schedule today!

CONSISTENCY | YOUR goals are achieved based on the time and effort YOU invest. Growth happens outside of the gym or studio. We will provide all of the tools necessary to create consistency on your fitness journey. Head over to our VIRTUAL FITNESS COACHING page to learn more.

LONGEVITY | Suffering an injury during exercise is all too common of an occurrence. Not only does an injury sideline you for weeks or months but shatters your confidence and trust in the fitness industry. Learn more ABOUT YOUR TRAINER, Mike, and how he has dedicated his career to preventing and rehabilitating injuries.

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Open only during scheduled sessions. Please call for availability.


3029 Hilton Road

Ferndale MI, 48220

Phone. 586-808-8282

3029 Hilton Road Ferndale MI, 48220

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