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the old school system of eat, sleep, train only works so well. with exercise, sport or recreationally, the body will break down over time. brain meets brawn fitness & sport recovery uses industry leading therapeutic tools to deliver a professional athlete level service.

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brain meets brawn is an alternative to traditional personal training & physical therapy. we bridge the gap between fitness & sports medicine combining the best elements of both industries. do not let old injuries stop you from doing the things that you love most. turn to a new chapter in life and get back to your favorite sports and workouts. discover the solutions you will use to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

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making the best choice in a personal trainer, physical therapist, or athletic trainer can be a difficult. we make it a little more simple and offer a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in doing their research. take advantage of your consult today.

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the brain meets brawn personal fitness training program takes an evidence based approach to calisthenics, mobility, and resistance strength training. you will challenge the body & mind using simple fitness principles for safe, effective exercise and pain free performance

personal training

personal training & sports medicine in ferndale, mi

sports medicine

don't be left on the table or handed off to the "assistant." bmb sports medicine takes a patient centered approach towards orthopedic rehabilitation. we will create a detailed "return to activity" plan of action to fix your injuries and get you back to what you love most.

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return to sport action plan

progress with strength training comes from consistency, longevity, and most importantly, safety. we stress proper form and biomechanics to create a safe, efficient, and effective strength training program. let your last weight lifting injury or deficit be your last!

week four


strength deficits

looking to improve fitness & sport performance?

tired of hurting yourself during workouts?

trying to fit into a decade old pair of jeans?

it all starts with a strong core.

below you can access week one of our four week virtual starter strength course. unlock your body: part one will teach you everything you need to know on how to effectively target your core muscles to see real strength gains.


brain meets brawn also offers a variety of virtual fitness, nutrition, & habit building programs accessible through both a mobile app and desktop.

get started, at no cost, today.

build your foundation

during week two you will build on-top of the previous week focusing on movements of the lower and upper body. you will learn the proper form of several common exercises and how to progress those exercises to make them more challenging.

week two

unlock your body

part two

week one

unlock your body

part one

in week one you will focus on improving core strength & mobility. this will include movements of the spine, pelvis, ribcage, & shoulders.

we will teach you a “mind over body” approach to movement and exercise to strengthen the core and create a deeper connection to your body.

week three will show you how to use calisthenics to improve your overall body strength. we will highlight beginner and intermediate exercises you can do from home, now. with calisthenics you can take your workout anywhere! 

week three

mind over body


Our studio features +800 square feet of unobstructed functional space, 35 feet of 6 foot high mirrors, and convenient highway access to I-696 & I-75. We are a few minute drive from near by Royal Oak, Berkley, Oak Park, Warren, Birmingham, and Pleasant Ridge. The equipment ranges from your standard dumbbell free weights to Olympic rings and TRX suspension straps - anything you can imagine incorporating into a workout, we have it. Most importantly, we take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility as it follows all current CDC recommended guidelines on fitness studio maintenance.

ferndale, mi

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top sports medicine team in ferndale, mi
max dickerson, AT

as a graduate of western michigan university, max combines is passion for crossfit training with over a decade of rehabilitation experience. he has worked with a wide ranging population from individuals with traumatic injuries to athletes and everything in-between.

best rated personal trainer in ferndale, mi
michael gorney, AT, CES

straight out of central michigan university (fire up chips!), mike found his passion in physical medicine early in his career. through that experience he learned the importance of living a pain free life, but more importantly, getting individuals back to the workouts and sports they love most.

best orthopedic physician in ferndale, mi
derek hill, DO

go blue! derek graduated from the university of michigan, and in a twist of fate, is a clinical associate professor in the department of surgery at michigan state university. he is board certified by the american osteopathic board of orthopedic surgeons. his current practice is located in ferndale, mi.

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