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A woman strength training during a private personal training session.

Meet the Team

A headshot of Michael Gorney, lead trainer and owner of Brain Meets Brawn Fitness Solutions.

Michael Gorney, AT

Straight out of central Michigan university (fire up chips!), Mike found his passion in physical medicine early in his career. Through that experience, he learned the importance of living a pain-free life, but more importantly, getting individuals back to the workouts and sports they love most. Through a mind & body connection anything is possible!

A headshot of Kris Kath, an athletic trainer at Brain Meets Brawn in Ferndale, Michigan.

Kris Kath, AT

Kris graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelors' of Athletic Training. Shortly after, he moved to Michigan and began a career in the unique field of spinal cord (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation. Kris has invested over a decade in educating individuals of all injury levels how to move, walk, and workout once again!

CrossFit Equipment on floor in Gym..jpg

Our Mission is Your Success

Brain Meets Brawn is an alternative to the traditional personal training & physical therapy experience. We bridge the gap between fitness & sports medicine combining the best elements of both industries. Do not let old injuries stop you from doing the things that you love most. Turn to a new chapter in life and get back to your favorite sports and workouts better than before!

Book a complimentary discovery session to learn more about the solutions we use to help you achieve your most ambitious health & fitness goals.

A woman performing cardio on a concept 2 rower during a personal training session.
A man performing strength training with a land mine during a private personal training session.
A man using Normatec Compression Boots during a recovery session at Brain Meets Brawn.

Discover Your Potential

Actions speak louder than words. Book a complimentary Discovery Session today and preview a sample of our experience and solutions. Below is a short description of the discovery session process and the tools we will use to help you.

Posture Screen assessment tool used to evaluate and measure static posture.
Digital Posture Assessment

The perfect tool to measure progress overtime. With comparative reports you can view your progress side by side anytime. The process takes minutes and can help you discover asymmetries in your posture & during common exercises such as the squat or push-up.

An athletic trainer performing assisted stretching with a client during a personal training session.
Sports Medicine Evaluation

Progress through a series of static and dynamic functional mobility and strength movements. We will prescribe exercises based on information from your posture assessment and medical & fitness history intake form. This evaluation will determine the exercises selected during the next step.

A personal trainer and his client performing barbell back squats for strength training.
Corrective Exercise Workout

Following your sport med evaluation we will build a workout around you, your abilities, and limitations. We will teach you our fundamental fitness principles and how to use them to create a safe and effective way to move, train, and recover. Do not let another injury hinder your goals.

A woman balancing on a BOSU ball during a session in a private fitness studio.
Additional Solutions

Goal Creation

Strength Assessments

Mobility Assessments

ROM Measurements

Injury Treatment Plans

Nutrition Advice

Located at 3029 Hilton Road in Fabulous Ferndale Brain Meets Brawn opened its doors in 2019. Upon walking through our doors you'll find open space and a creative assortment of equipment that will allow for any fitness activity or genre you can imagine. You'll also find a list of amenities including a purified drinking fountain, private restroom, fresh towels, and complimentary wi-fi. We also serve Royal Oak, Berkley, Hazel Park, Oak Park, Detroit, and all surrounding cities.

Studio & Equipment

The outside of Brain Meets Brawn Fitness Solution in Ferndale, Michigan.

Welcome to

Brain Meets Brawn

A view of fitness equipment at Brain Meets Brawn near Royal Oak, Michigan.

A No Judgement,

Safe Space For All

A view of mobility equipment around the studio at Brain Meets Brawn in Ferndale, Michigan.

Move Your Body

Mobility Sticks & Bands

A safety squat bar sitting on a squat rack for a strength training semi-private class at Brain Meets Brawn.

Safe, Effective

Strength Training Equipment

A concept 2 rower at Brain Meets Brawn near Berkley, Michigan during a small group fitness class.

Low Impact, High Intensity

Meet Your New Best Friend

What have been your past experiences with personal training and physical therapy? At Brain Meets Brawn, we believe affordability, consistency, and longevity are the three pillars for success with any health and fitness goal and you will find this idea at the foundation of our services.

Our program is designed for you to find independence from ever needing another personal trainer again. Begin with a Discovery Session to experience our training methods and philosophy and learn more about the tiers of services offered to satisfy your privacy and budget needs. 

Your Training Services

A one on one personal training experience in a private studio atmosphere with 100% focus on you. Your athletic trainer will guide you every step of the way as you learn safe, effective methods to improve your strength, mobility, and balance. Fix your injuries and minimize future risk with our private training services.

Sports Medicine

Personal Training

Athletic Recovery

Nutrition Coaching