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Find detailed answers to most of your questions by searching the FAQ section. It is divided into three sections to simplify the process. If you cannot find an answer to your question or need further clarification or assistance, don't hesitate to SEND A MESSAGE









  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Traditional & PPO Trust plans. We do not accept Blue Care Network or HMO plans at this time.

  • Verify your insurance benefits by sending us a message or bring your insurance information to your discovery session. We will complete the verification process and provide you further guidance regarding your benefits and obtaining a script from your primary care physician. You can email us a copy of your insurance card at anytime and we will reply with more information regarding your eligibility and benefits.

  • Most insurance companies have a mobile app readily available. Search for your specific insurance company on your mobile device app store. Download the app, then, log-in using your username and password. From there, you will be able to access your insurance information including a copy of your insurance card and a detailed explanation of benefits. This information is also readily availble through your insurance companies website.

  • Yes, a signed script is required for services to be rendered and reimbursed. Referrals are not the same as scripts and are not accepted. The script must read "Recommend Physical Therapy & Athletic Training Services" along with your name, birthdate, address, diagnosis, and treatment duration. This should all be common information for your primary care physician.

  • The script must be signed by a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Physician Assistant (PA). The script must read "Recommend Physical Therapy & Athletic Training Servies." The diagnosis and duration of treatment is at the discretion of your overseeing health care professional.

  • Begin by scheduling an appointment with your PCP. During your appointment you must express to your PCP that you have been dealing with an acute or chronic injury or pain that has been interfering with your daily life. This can include your ability to complete activities of daily living at home, inhibiting your ability to complete tasks at work, or preventing you from performing physical activity to stay healthy and in-shape. Explain to your PCP that you would like to see a licensed athletic trainer who is an approved provider through your insurance provider.

  • Jim hurt his back lifting a box off the ground a month ago. He experienced sharp, radiating pain through his low back and down into his legs. Over the last month, Jim has had difficulty finishing work and often gets distracted due to the pain in his back. Jim finally scheduled an appointment with his primary care physician (PCP). During his appointment, Jim expresses to his PCP that he is in chronic pain and is interested in seeing a licensed athletic trainer for sports medicine services. The PCP has not heard of an athletic trainer providing reimbursable sports medicine services, so Jim explains that he knows an athletic trainer who accepts his insurance and provides the script details provided above. The PCP must provide an "equal opportunity to health care services" and is required by law to provide you with the opportunity to see the health care provider you want.

  • If you decide to utilize your insurance benefits for sports medicine sessions at Brain Meets Brawn, it is important to understand the associated costs.


    For most plans, you will be responsible for a co-payment every session and to reach your deductible before insurance benefits take effect.


    Most co-payments range from $10-30 and may or may not apply to your deductible.


    Once your deductible has been met you will be responsible for covering a co-insurance percentage plus a co-payment, however, this will be considerably less expensive than meeting your deductible.


    Once your out-of-pocket maximum has been met you will be responsible for covering a co-payment only.​

    • Deductibles: the amount you pay for covered health care services before your insurance plan starts to pay.

    • Copayments: a fixed amount you pay for a covered health care service.

    • Coinsurance: your share of the costs of a covered health care service.

    • Out-of-Pocket: the maximum amount you will pay for insurance benefits not including co-payments

  • Jim has a health insurance deductible of $1000, co-payment of $25, co-insurance of 20%, and $5000 out-of-pocket maximum with 30 total sessions in a calendar year.

    Jim begins sports medicine sessions at Brain Meets Brawn.


    Over his first 9 sessions Jim pays $100 towards his deductible plus a $25 co-payment for each session totaling $125 per session.


    Assuming Jim's co-payments apply to his deductible he will have met his $1000 deductible following 9 sessions.

    Beginning with his 10th session Jim continues to owe his $25 co-payment plus a 20% co-insurance. Co-insurance from sports medicine sessions can range from $20-40.

    Jim will now pay ~$45-65 per session instead of $125 per session. These costs will continue to count towards his maximum out-of-pocket costs.

    Over the course of his 30 sessions Jim can expect to pay an estimated total of $2000 out-of-pocket.

    If Jim were to pay cash for all services instead of using his insurance benefits, he would owe $2400 out of pocket.

    ​Although insurance seems pricey, there is a session number in which insurance becomes more affordable than cash payments.

  • The maximum session limit is dependent on two factors. First, the number of sessions allotted by your specific insurance plan, and second, the scripts recommended duration and session frequency. Athletic training and physical therapy sessions both count against your insurance policy session limit.

  • Yes, we will work directly with you and/or your case manager to bill your auto insurance provider for services rendered.


  • If you have funds available in a Health Savings Account, it can be used to pay for health and medical services tax free. Brain Meets Brawn is a licensed medical practice, and as such, is able to charge Health Savings Accounts through our credit card processing company.

  • As a licensed medical practice, all Health Savings Account providers are accepted forms of payment.

  • When you sign-up to open a Health Savings Account you will be provided with an HSA debit card. You can use this card for individual charges or for recurring payments and subscriptions. Each month you will receive a statement that reflects your current balance and expenditures.

  • Rarely is a payment denied, however, the solution is to send an invoice from Brain Meets Brawn to your Health Savings Account provider. The invoice will show the reason for visits, treatment dates, costs, and any other information requested by your provider.

  • The answer to this question is dependent on your Health Savings Account provider. To date, no charge has been denied due to absence of a script or referral. However, we encourage you to do your own research. Contact your provider and find out what is required to use HSA funds.

  • A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a pre-tax benefit account that employees can use to save money for eligible medical or dependent care expenses. Employees decide on the amount to contribute to the FSA annually, and these funds are deducted from their paychecks before taxes. Throughout the plan year, employees can use the FSA funds to cover qualified expenses, providing a tax-efficient way to manage healthcare or dependent care costs. You can use your FSA debit card at Brain Meets Brawn to purchase session plans. FSA plans work much like HSA plans. For more information refer to HSA questions above.

  • Brain Meets Brawn offers an all-encompassing approach to your sports medicine & personal training needs. You can expect a tailored experience that addresses your specific goals utilizing elements of orthopedic rehabilitation, body awareness & balance training, strength training, and more.

  • Book a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to meet one of our athletic trainers, learn about the program, and answer any and all questions you may have. Upon booking, you will receive an intake form to help guide the direction of your session. For those with a busy schedule, you can request a phone call or virtual meeting through the intake form.

  • Session plans can be purchased directly on our mobile app (Fit by Wix) or through the website. Session plans are organized into 1-on-1 60- or 30-minute sessions or couples 60-minute sessions. All session plans are automatically enrolled in a 3-month payment plan and have an expiration date.

  • Session plans range from $80 - $85 per 60-minute session and $45 - $50 per 30-minute session dependent on session plan.

  • Session plans are designed to reflect the number of sessions per week over the course of the 3-month payment plan. For example, if you sign-up for the 12-session plan you should book one session per week for 12 weeks. If you sign-up for the 24-session plan you should book two sessions per week for 12 weeks. Sessions DO NOT EXPIRE at the conclusion of your payment plan. If you miss sessions due to illness, vacation, or any personal reasons those sessions can be rescheduled for a later date.

  • We accept all major credit cards, all health savings accounts (HSA) , flexible spending accounts (FSA), BCBS traditional & PPO trust insurance, and MCCA auto no-fault insurance.

  • All sessions have a 24-hour non-refundable cancellation policy. If you are unable to cancel your session, send us a message and we will assist with cancelling and crediting your account. Additionally, there is an 8-hour booking window in which you can book a session within 8 hours of the session start time.

  • You can book available sessions as far ahead as your session plan will allow. If you need an extension on your session plan speak with your trainer. Sessions can also be scheduled same day, up to 8 hours before they begin. For example, if it is 8:00 AM you can book sessions beginning at 4:00 PM that same day.

  • All session plans have an expiration date in which you cannot book remaining sessions after that date. Each plan is labeled with an expiration date; however, a plan can be extended as needed to accommodate life events that may cause delays or extended breaks between sessions.

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